Did you know that email addresses are not unique identifiers on Slack

The email… you hide it to support your argument… not very honest…

Hubert is referring to the fact that I blurred out an email address that belonged to a real person who appeared on my screen shot — to protect his privacy.

Yes you did, under the timezone. So obvious. With the email you know who the person is.

Rather than engage with me through this blog, or better, offline to dig a little deeper, he takes it to Twitter. And, now he’s calling me a liar, again for a second time. It’s in the public domain so I feel the need to respond — because I pride myself on being very open and honest. What does a Security company and it’s founding team have, if not “trust”.

Why this should scare people

Let me tell you a short story… but first know this, the vast majority of people working for big companies use gmail and other non-corporate email addresses for Slack. At least in our experience for the past two years.

What else?

Finance Director asks the CEO to make an immediate payment of $500k for a deal in China before it’s too late. With the difference in timezone the CEO must act now. Sound familiar?

Why it’s even more dangerous for crypto communities

Read my original post now that you’re loaded with this insight.



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Paul Walsh

Paul Walsh


MetaCert CEO. Passionate about Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Crypto, Snowboarding & Red Wine. Part of the AOL team that launched AIM. Co-founded 2 W3C Standards.