How to install and setup MetaCert to protect your Crypto community from phishing attacks on Slack 🎣 💣

1. Install MetaCert

2. Approve MetaCert for your community

3. Ask users to authorize MetaCert

4. Setup filter keywords

5. Setup a dummy user account

6. Create a #security channel

Things to remember

  1. Only the person who installed MetaCert can log into the dashboard to add keywords. Make sure this person is the main Slack admin/moderator. Multi-user login is on our short-term roadmap.
  2. MetaCert’s software is not designed to read messages. It only listens for the keywords that you add to our security app. Your privacy and the privacy of your community is extremely important to us. Trust is our currency. Without trust we have nothing to offer.



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Paul Walsh

Paul Walsh


MetaCert CEO. Passionate about Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Crypto, Snowboarding & Red Wine. Part of the AOL team that launched AIM. Co-founded 2 W3C Standards.