How to mute @channel and @here commands inside Slack

Paul Walsh
2 min readAug 28, 2017

You’ve landed on this post because you either follow my ramblings, or because your amazing community manager / moderator has sent you here — so you can update some of your Slack preferences for their community.

Almost every person who creates a Slack team or community learns about the power of these commands the hard way. It’s impossible to know for example, that when you post “@everyone” into a particular channel, it actually alerts everyone across every channel — and sends them an email. I learned about it the hard way.

People who mute @channel and @here commands are much less likely to mute entire channels.

To community members

We’ve noticed that some of you like how we use the @channel and @here commands to broadcast important updates. Some of you would rather engage with us, but not receive these particular alerts all of the time — you might want to mute them for the weekend, or longer.

For those of you who’d like to remain engaged in our community, but would like to mute these commands, here are some instructions.

Your Community Manager / Moderator

How to mute @channel and @here messages

You will need to do this for each channel.

  • Select the settings icon
  • Select “Notifications Preferences”
  • Select “Ignore notifications for @channel and @here

A trusting, happy community is an engaging community.

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