How Vodafone and Three Can Protect Subscribers in Ireland From SMS Phishing Attacks Like FluBot


How subscribers can now avoid links from people they don’t know

How it works

The real situation with SMS security in Ireland today

MetaCert’s test results for SMS security in Ireland

It’s NOT their fault

Why smishing has been a hard problem to solve until now

FluBot is likely to continue to spread at a fairly rapid rate, moving methodically from country to country via a conscious effort by the threat actors.

As long as there are users willing to trust an unexpected SMS message and follow the threat actors’ provided instructions and prompts, campaigns such as these will be successful.

Proposed solution from Proofpoint:

To reduce your personal risk of becoming a victim of FluBot, Proofpoint recommends that all mobile users:

Be wary of unexpected SMS messages.

Refrain from installing applications outside of legitimate app stores.

Take the time to verify that the requested permissions make sense when you do install new apps.

Why SMS Firewalls are NOT the answer

Email phishing

SMS phishing


Let’s take a closer inspection to see what’s going on…

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